Visage, 1979

Steve Strange (centre) and Rusty Egan (second right) with original Visage line-up including members of Magazine, Billy Currie (Ultravox), Midge Ure (Rich Kids, Ultravox).

Visage were originally a new wave 'supergroup' formed in 1978 by vocalist Steve Strange and drummer Rusty Egan (formerly of Rich Kids) together with Midge Ure (Rich Kids, Ultravox), Billy Currie (Ultravox), Adamson, McGeogh, Formula (Magazine) and Chris Payne (from Gary Numan's band). The group recorded several demos and released a debut single 'Tar' on Martin Rushent's Genetic Records, by which time the 'New Romantic' movement, spearheaded by Strange and Visage, had taken off. The group released their debut eponymous album in late 1980, preceded by the iconic hit single "Fade to Grey", written by Currie, Payne and Ure. Steve Strange died in February 2015.

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Peel does not seem to have expressed any interest in the group even in its early stages, when members of the former above mentioned session bands were involved. The only play of a Visage record seems to be on 02 February 1996 when Dave Clarke was his guest. Peel did however introduce Visage (reduced to Strange plus backing singers/dancers) on their only Top of the Pops studio appearance with their final chart hit "Night Train" in 1982.


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