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The Visitors were a band from Edinburgh that had three Peel sessions.

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On the 25 March 1981 show (when the second session was repeated), Peel mentions that the only Edinburgh band he's failed to meet up with during Radio One's week in Scotland are the Visitors. Later in the show John McVay from the band turns up at the studio for an interview.

Peel gave the band the money to release their second single on their own label. The third single featured two tracks taken from the band's second Peel session.

Festive Fifty Entries

  • None


  • Three sessions. The band's third single, Compatibility, featured two tracks from their second session.

1. Recorded: 1980-02-06. First broadcast: 14 February 1980. Repeated: 12 March 1980

  • Pattern / Exploiting The Masters / Our Glass / The Orcadian

2. Recorded: 1980-12-16. First broadcast: 08 January 1981. Repeated: 25 March 1981

  • Poet's End / Compatibility / Distance

3. Recorded: 1982-02-10. First broadcast: 25 February 1982. Repeated: 16 May 1982

  • Flow / Third Base / Unit Of Acceptance

Other Shows Played

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  • 14 June 1988: The Orcadian (12" - Empty Rooms) Departure Music

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