Voodoo Queens
The Voodoo Queens
were an indie band from North London and one of the very few predominantly all female British Asian group. The band composed of Anjali Bhatia (guitar, vocals), Ella Guru (guitar, backing vocals), Stefania Lucchesini (drums), Rajni Bhatia (keyboards) and Anjula Bhasker (bass). Rebecca Lunn later stepped in for Anjula who had to leave to visit family in India. In late 1992, Anjali left the group Mambo Taxi where she was the drummer to start the Voodoo Queens, along with her sister Rajni and cousin Anjula, Ella Guru (of Mambo Taxi), and drummer Sunny. Mary Deigan replaced Anjula on bass in 1994. The band split in 1999 and Ella Guru (NOTE: she is not related to or has any connection with a group who has the same name as her, that had an entry in the 2004 Festive Fifty with "Park Lake Speakers") joined the Stuckist artists. Anjali Bhatia went on to become a solo artist with more dance orientated material. Deigan joined The Hangovers. The music press, in addition to associating the band with the Riot Grrrl scene, also grouped them with other Asian-fronted bands such as Cornershop; Anjali felt that the press focused more on the music scene instead of the musical content.

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Peel discovered the band when they were touring with Cornershop at The Falcon in November 1992. So impressed with their performance, that he invited them for a session, despite the band performing three songs (one of which was repeated) and the entire set lasting only nine minutes. He compared seeing them live to seeing the Slits for the first time. The session was recorded in January 1993, whilst Anjali was still working at Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street. Other radio and TV appearances followed, including a further two Peel Sessions, and a busking competition against Boyzone on Channel 4's music and arts programme Naked City.

Festive Fifty Entries


Voodoo Queens - Peel Session 1993

Voodoo Queens - Peel Session 1993

The first two sessions are available on Voodoo Queens ‎– Peel Sessions - Touch No Dirt, See No Dirt, Eat No Dirt (CD, Strange Fruit, 1994)

1. Recorded: 1993-01-10. Broadcast: 22 January 1993. Repeated: 01 May 1993

  • Kenuwee Head (Dude Idol) / Summer Sun / Princess Of The Voodoo Beat / Supermodel Superficial

2. Recorded: 1993-06-20. Broadcast: 23 July 1993. Repeated: 27 August 1993

  • Chocolate Eyes / Shopping Girl Maniac / Indian Film Star / My Favourite Handbag

3. Recorded: 1994-02-15. Broadcast: 26 March 1994. Repeated: 04 November 1994

  • Dream Boy Kits / Caffeine / F Is For Fame / You'll Lose A Good Thing

Other Shows Played 

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Voodoo Queens - Supermodel Superficial Rage Music Video

Voodoo Queens - Supermodel Superficial Rage Music Video

'Supermodel Superficial', #06 in the 1993 Festive Fifty


John Peel's Interview - The Voodoo Queens

John Peel's Interview - The Voodoo Queens



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