WRR (AM), now known as KTCK), began broadcasting via AM in 1920 and received its license and call letters on August 5, 1921. In 1948, WRR-FM received its first FM license. After WRR 1310 was sold WRR-FM changed its call letters to WRR. Despite its public ownership, WRR is a commercial station and sells advertising. Over the years, private broadcasters in the Dallas-Fort Worth market have made numerous but unsuccessful calls for privatizing the station. (read more at Wikipedia)

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John Peel's WRR

John Peel's WRR

John Peel made his radio debut in 1961 on WRR as a "blues expert" on the station's popular R&B show Kat's Karavan. The show stood out from the predominantly middle-of-the-road programming of WRR at the time and was considered daring because it presented black R&B music to a white teenage audience, at a time when the USA, and the southern states in particular, were still racially segregated. Peel's stint on the show did not last long - according to him, he was given short shrift when he asked the station if they would pay him for his work - but the experience made a strong impression on him, as he continued to type "Kat's Karavan" at the top of the running orders for his Radio One shows in the later stages of his career.


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