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The Waitresses were an experimental post-punk band from Akron, Ohio. Despite their name, the band was not entirely composed of women, although Patty Donahue was a distinctive lead vocalist and Tracey Wormwood played bass, notably on their most well-known song, Christmas Wrapping. This was only a minor UK hit when released as a single in 1982, but has since become a festive standard and was played by Peel on his Alternative Christmas show in 1992. An early promo featured another Ze artist, August Darnell (Kid Creole) on the flip side.

John also played their debut release, Slide, featuring lead guitarist and songwriter Chris Butler on vocals, and I Know What Boys Like, on which he commented favourably at the time:

"What we here in the bunker require is an entire LP of the Waitresses: don't suppose we're likely to get one, though." [1]

The Waitresses did not in fact release a full LP (Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?) until early 1982: it met with critical and commercial success on which they failed to capitalise. JP played it on release and revisited it on occasion: a copy was found in his record collection after his death [2]. After Bruiseology, the band broke up in 1984, although retrospective compilations have reawakened interest in their work. Sadly, Donahue was not to witness this, dying of lung cancer in 1996.

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    The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like

    The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like


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