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PLEASE NOBODY ELSE EDIT Pink Floyd: Let There Be More Light Pink Floyd: The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules don't share

Sounds of the 70s: Stuart Henry

8. My Singing Bird – Sounds of the 70s Rec: 30/7/70 9. Oh No – Sounds of the 70s Rec: 9.10.70 10. A Little of Your Time – Sounds of the 70s Rec: 9.10.70 11. All the Best People Do It – Sounds of the 70s Rec: 9.10.70? (if so, it's not in Ken Garner's 'In Session Tonight'))

Sounds of the 70s Bob Harris

  • Smaller Traffic file a dupe
  • Spotify
  • And Here come Traffic Paper Sun A House For Everyone Brian Matthews?
  • Traffic
  • to 2:44 1st October 1967
  • Spotify - Coloured Rain definitely from repeat
  • dl the two
  • Roy Harper - 1969 1969
  • Al Stewart - 29th May, then 27 August 1969
  • Matthews, Savoy, Brimstone, Harding, BJH
  • Manfred Mann - repeat 19 Jan 1969
  • Eric Burdon
  • Gilbert and End done
  • Soft Machine
  • Moody Blues and Blossom Toes 3rd Dec
  • Gun repeat
  • Cream done
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtLArOQXJYU
  • Joni Mitchell
  • Song to a Seagull (album version)
  • 3:45
  • Chelsea Morning (with John Peel band line-up outro)
  • The Gallery
  • Night in the City
  • Cactus Tree
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4u2S9pXcb8
  • Travelling Tragition 22 December 1968
  • 1:49
  • Conensuela
  • 4:14
  • Eastern Spell (LP- Prophets…) Regal Zonophone played 03 November 1968 or could be sessoin version
  • 5:53
  • Evenings Of Damask (session)
  • 8:08
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TWxDDTX9To Tyrannosaurus Rex - various radio session tracks 1969-70
  • Cat Black (Wizard’s Hat) album version
  • 2:54
  • Iscariot session version 15 June 1969
  • 4:54
  • Once Upon the Seas of Abyssinia (session) 11 May 1969
  • 7:04
  • King of the Rumbling Spires (LP track?) 45 possibly 09 July 1969
  • 9:15
  • A Day Laye (session) 22 November 1969 or 04 March 1970
  • 11:16
  • By The Light of the Magical Moon (Top Gear 22.11.69) 22 November 1969 or 04 March 1970
  • Elemental Child (SOTS 25.6.70?) missing
  • ISB done
  • Colosseum done
  • Spooky Tooth done
  • Chicken Shack - unknown which.

new section

  • Denny laine, Ascribed second session track to its repeat as audio sounds of similar quality to the other two sessions shared that day
  • Shirley Collins
  • Nice 1967
  • Not session
  • Tracks played - 29th October 1967 or 26th Novermber, then 30th June 1968, then ?
  • Nice
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4CspKpgap0
  • Country Pie
  • Peel intro "for the first time"
  • St Thomas
  • 7:06
  • Little Arabella (not Peel session version)
  • Hang on to a Dream
  • wikified
  • Nice
  • 2:16
  • Azrial Revisited
  • 7:38
  • Blues For the Prairies
  • outro
  • 11:56
  • I’m One Of Those People…
  • Donovan
  • 21st January or 25th February
  • Extra tracks - records? Don't know which session play.
  • Tim Rose
  • Long Tim Man from 25th Feb
  • Done
  • Done Andromeda
  • Done Gordon Lightfoot
  • Fleetwood Mac - another version of Soundcloud
  • Duster Bennett both available separately
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lod7b6ehTSw
  • Four of six songs recorded by Lesley with Sweet Thursday (a one-album trio) for Night Ride in 1969. Jon Mark (guitar), Nicky Hopkins (piano) Harvey Burns (drums). 1. Look What You’ve Done 2. Lullabye 3. Sing Children Sing 4. Love Song
  • Three of the four songs recorded by the Bee Gees & the Bill Shepherd Orchestra for Top Gear in February 1968, their second and final Peel session. 1. Birdie Told Me 2. With the Sun in My Eyes 3. And the Sun Will Shine
  • Beegees done
  • Fred MacDowell is not the Peel show. Nirvana both commecial tracks
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqqTTc6IHtM

David Ackles - Peel session - Top Gear 27/10/68

  • Three of five pieces David recorded for John Peel's Top Gear on 1/10/68 (with unknown musicians) - broadcast on 27/10/68 and 24/1/69.
  • Laissez Faire


  • Be My Friend
  • Down River
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsX-Zjp-2XA
  • Marc Brierley - Peel session - Night Ride 11/9/68
  • Four of the five songs Marc performed live in the studio on Night Ride in 1968, his sole BBC radio session.
  • Marc Brierley Matchbox Men
  • Marc Brierley Welcome To the Citadel
  • Marc Brierley Hold On
  • Marc Brierley Thoughts and Sounds
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-BZV_HjEkE
  • Fairport Convention with Ric Grech - Peel session - Top Gear 6/4/69
  • Si Tu Dois Partir
  • wikified
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRilbXApBGc
  • Fairport Convention - Peel session -Top Gear 1/9/68
  • Two songs from this session, from an uncirculated reel:
  • Eastern Rain
  • (JP: 'Eastern Rain from the Fairport Convention...")
  • If You Feel Good You Know It Can't Be Wrong
  • Track order might suggest it's from the repeat
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyfVAOa1a2c
  • Fairport Convention - Peel session - Top Gear 22/12/68
  • I'll Keep It With Mine (session)
  • 5:13
  • She Moves Through the Fair (session)
  • out of sequence for 22nd Dec show might be repeat 26 January 1969
  • 9:55
  • Percy's Song (session) Perhaps from 7th session
  • not wikified
  • 15:22
  • Three songs from this session, including 'Percy's Song' (not in the Ken Garner books on BBC radio sessions for this date). From an uncirculated reel.
  • Fairport Convention Peel session - Night Ride 15/12/68
  • Meet On The Ledge
  • Bird On A Wire
  • This is actually listed as the 6th session, but was recorded before the 5th and originally broadcast on a non-Peel Night Ride. 22 Jan 1969
  • wikified
  • Fairport Convention - Peel session - Top Gear 29/9/68
  • wikified
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zog97Iu-_fQ
  • Fairport Convention - Peel session - Top Gear 2/6/68
  • Two songs from the 2/6/68 session, from an uncirculated source. 1. I Don't Know Where I Stand 2. Close the Door Lightly
  • unknown which session, wikified as FC 3rd session
  • Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - Peel session - Top Gear 12/11/67
  • dupe of Soundcoud, wikified
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hb0YSusSjgM
  • Fairport Convention - Peel session - Top Gear 10/12/67 (new source)
  • 'Lay Down Your Weary Tune' from the 10/12/67 Top Gear broadcast, from an uncirculated off-air source - seemingly superior to the released off-air recording.
  • wikified
  • Will leave Miscellanys until after rest
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ypjIPS6_sc
  • John Peel's Night Ride: A 1968 Miscellany (part 2)
  • A second miscellany of fragments from John Peel’s editions of ‘Night Ride’ in 1968 – poets in the studio, folk and blues sessions, Tolkien, ethnological oddities and chat. 1. Adrian Henri & Andy Roberts (poetry with guitar) – Galactic Love Poem, See the Conquering Heroine, Hull Poem (session: broadcast 30/10/68) 2. Shirley & Dolly Collins – Over the Hills and Far Away (session: broadcast 8/5/68) 3. Roger McGough (poet) – Snipers (in the studio) 4. Mississippi John Hurt – My Creole Belle (LP track) 5. Leon Rosselson – She Was Crazy (probably LP track, possibly in the studio) 6. Jackson Frank – Just Like Anything (session: broadcast 9/10/68) 7. [unknown] – ‘To Keep Nigeria One’ (LP track) 8. Hugh Le Caine – Dripsody (LP track) 9. Stefan Grossman – All the Friends I Had (session: broadcast 5/5/68) 10. JRR Tolkien reads in Elvish (LP track) 11. John Renbourn & Jacqui McShee – Watch the Stars (session: broadcast 11/12/68) 12. Pete Morgan (poet) – Mr Rix, Elegy for Arthur Prance (in the studio) 13. Spider John Koerner – Lady Day (LP track) 14. BBC archive item – Colonel Bogey (banjo band) 15. Adrian Mitchell – Tell Me Lies, Do the Bourgeois (unknown live concert recording) 16. Brian Patten – This Morning (unknown live concert recording) 17. Fairport Convention – Meet on the Ledge (session: broadcast 22/12/68) 18. [unidentified poet with guitar] – The Lady King 19. Phil Yost – Wave Your Moonlight Hat (LP track)
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GchCA-K9xA
  • A John Peel 'Night Ride' Miscellany 1968 (part 1)
  • This is a collection of moments from episodes of ‘Night Ride’ presented by John Peel in 1968 – poets in the studio, oddities from the BBC sound archive, folk, blues and beyond, interspersed with fragments of chat from John. 1. Massed Bamboo Stampers (BBC ethnological recording) 2. John Fahey – The Last Steam Engine Train (LP track) 3. Alan Jackson (poet) – Edinburgh Scene (probably in the studio) 4. Marc Brierley – Matchbox Men (session: broadcast 11/9/68) 5. Danny Thompson – Haitian Fight Song (session: broadcast 8/12/68) 6. Unknown blues – possibly Dave ‘Snaker’ Ray, passingly in the studio 7. Adrian Mitchell (poet) – A Rose I Suppose (in the studio) 8. Adrian Mitchell (poet) – Afraid of Going Mad (in the studio) 9. Adrian Mitchell (poet) – Prince of Wailers (in the studio) 10. Pentangle – The Time Has Come (session: broadcast 9/5/68) 11. Brian Patten (poet) – A Small Dragon (in the studio) 12. Michael Chapman – If I Bring You Roses (session: broadcast 12/6/68)
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2wuxEFK0cI
  • Adrian Henri and Andy Roberts - Peel session - Night Ride 30/10/68
  • Same tape but very slightly different rip to the below
  • Stefan Grossman
  • All My Friends Are Gone Unknown
  • Wikify
  • Bakerloo duplicate
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSzFWUovrxM
  • Egg - Peel session - Top Gear 13/8/69
  • Egg: McGillicuddie The Pusillanimour Or Don’t Worry James Your Socks Are Hanging In The Coal Cellar.
  • 8.49 (from 5:29)
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM4v7g0ivQc
  • All four songs and most of the presenter intros and outros from the first of Pentangle's many BBC radio sessions. 'Turn Your Money Green' (John & Jacqui as a duo) and 'Let No Man Steal Your Thyme' derive from a superior source to any previously available, though as the original taper had trimmed out all the pre- and post-song chat from presenter John Peel, I've reinserted this from a lesser source. The audio for the other two tracks, 'Travelling Song' and 'Soho' (Bert & John as a duo) derive from the off-air recording used for the Hux 'Lost Broadcasts' CD, with the sound slightly enhanced using Roxio software (non-professional, but it makes a difference for this purpose).
  • Pentangle: Turn Your Money Green (session)
  • Pentangle: Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (session)
  • The intro to the next sounds like it must be from the session repeat
  • Pentangle: Travelling Song (session)
  • Pentangle: Soho (session)
  • not wikified on date page as uncertain of date
  • Shirley dolly collins wikified
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvQz1l6_UGc
  • Michael Chapman: If I Could Bring You Roses (session)  12 June 1968
  • peel outro
  • Michael Chapman: Sunday Morning (session)
  • 5:49
  • Michael Chapman: One Time Thing (session)
  • Michael Chapman: On My Way Again (session)
  • Wikified
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxvXx5rmr-g
  • Duffy Power was a first-wave British rock'n'roller, part of impresario Larry Parnes 'stable' of acts in the late 50s and early 60s. When Johnny Gentle was famously paired with the pre-fame Beatles as a backing band, at a Liverpool audition, the same audition saw Duffy Power paired with the Big Three. After a series of singles on Fontana, Duffy signed to Parlophone and soon after had a road-to-Damascus experience with the blues - ditching the gold suits and package tours and modelling himself on Alexis Korner as a solo acoustic bluesman, albeit with access to EMI recording budgets. His releases in the mid 60s were backed by the Fentones, the Paramounts and session men, but at the same time (1965-67), he was recording sensational progressive R&B publishing demos with the likes of John McLaughlin, Danny Thompsaon, Terry Cox, Phil Seamen, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce. Some of these were collected on the LP 'Innovations', which sold well and revived interest in him. An album with Argent had been recorded but, oddly, abandoned in 1970 (most tracks appeared later in the CD era), but the self-titled 'Duffy Power', recorded /released in 1972 (and reissued with a tougher mix and other differences as 'Power House' in 1976) would be his final throw of the dice for record success until a brief revival as a live performer in the 1990s, and a final album 'Tigers' (recorded in 2001, released in 2008). There had been plans to follow up the 1972 album, with joining forming a hard-rocking quartet with a trio from Tankerton (Graham Quinton Jones, Chris Bailey and Peter Kirk). Three studio tracks were recorded (bonus tracks on the RPM CD issue of 'Duffy Power') but also this session for John Peel. It was to be a noble way to bow out for a while, as it transpired. The session was recorded off-air and included on Hux's 'Sky Blues: Rare Radio Sessions' CD, approved/selected by Duffy. It appears here with a newly discovered session track, with a band (members unknown), recorded for Radio 1's Mike Raven in mid-1971. It is distinct from the two known sessions Duffy recorded for Mike Raven (in 1970 and March 1971, the latter as a duo with Rod Argent), both of which survive in full.
  • Unknown if this was from the original 06 September 1973 or repeat 25 October 1973
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEQF9KHj-bE
  • Pentangle - Peel session - Top Gear, 3/11/68
  • All four of the songs broadcast on Top Gear on 3/11/68, in the group's fourth Peel session of that year (three Top Gear, one Night Ride). A fifth song from this fourth session was broadcast on 15/12/68. Three of the four broadcast on 3/11/68 exist on BBC transcription discs with voice-overs from Brian Matthew, who rebroadcast them on his World Service 'Top of the Pops' series at that time; the exception is 'Sweet Child'. Here they are as Peel aired them, happily free of effusive chat.
  • Sovay 03 November 1968
  • 2:56
  • Sweet Child
  • I Loved A Lass
  • In Your Mind
  • 13:02
  • wikified
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prCJrWDswOo
  • Pentangle - Peel session - 'Night Ride' 9/5/68
  • Three tracks from the group's second Peel session - one of four during 1968:
  • The Time Has Come
  • 2:57
  • Mirage
  • 4:46
  • Hear My Call
  • 7:47
  • all 22 May 1968
  • wikified
  • Bert Jansch & John Renbourn - 'Soho' - John Peel's Top Gear, 18/2/68
  • This is  a smaller version of the Pentangle session
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYRiU3Wdqbw
  • John Renbourn & Jacqui McShee - Peel session (Night Ride, 11/12/68)
  • Four of five numbers recorded by John & Jacqui for the show on 10/12/68 and broadcast the following day. 'Every Night', which also featured on early Pentangle radio sessions, was never commercially recorded by them; neither was 'The Lag's Song', the missing item from this session - although John had recorded that one with Dorris Henderson (his other guitar/vocal duo partner of the period) on the LP 'There You Go' (1965). 'Watch the Stars' was commercially recorded by both John & Dorris (on the LP 'Watch the Stars' in 1967) and John & Jacqui (on the live half of the Pentangle LP 'Sweet Child', 1968).
  • Watch the Stars (session) 11 December 1968
  • 2:38
  • I Can't Keep from Crying Sometimes (session) 11 December 1968
  • 4:43
  • Every Night When the Sun Goes In (session) 11 December 1968
  • 7:00
  • My Johnny Was A Shoemaker (session) 11 December 1968
  • 9:52
  • wikified
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XezjiM7G5qk
  • A fragment from Peggy's only radio session for John Peel.
  • Peggy Seeger - Peel session - Night Ride 19.1.69
  • My Love And I Are One (session) 15 January 1969
  • 2:45 wikified
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN8YrYzPciM
  • John Renbourn & Terry Cox - Night Ride 4.12.68
  • Four pieces from the duo's sole 'Night Ride' session, commissioned for John Peel's section of the show but seemingly presented here by co-presenter Jon Curle. The pieces are: I Know My Babe / Lady Nothinge's Toye Puffe / Lamento di Tristan-La Rotta / Melancholy Galliard.
  • I Know My Babe (session)
  • 2:35
  • John Curle intro
  • Lady Nothinge's Toye Puffe (session)
  • 4:21
  • Lamento di Tristan (session)
  • 6:06
  • La Rotta (session)
  • 7:16
  • Melancholy Galliard (session)
  • 10:01
  • A slight puzzle this one, I Know My Babe certainly isn't listed in The Peel Sessions, and Toye Puff is introduced only as by John Renbourn, no sign of Terry Cox. I Know My Babe is certainly different to the record version. Perhaps this was a separate session for John Curle's portion of the show. John Curle was noted as the second presenter on BBC Genome, along with John Peel, but The Peel Sessions says that Peel's section of the show was presented by Pete Drummond. Perhaps Peel was off sick, the show was re-organised, and a different selection of tracks was played - sometimes tracks were recorded but only broadcast on the repeat.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rzm6koNExns
  • The First Three 'Peel Sessions' - 'Top Gear' 1/10/67 - Traffic, Tomorrow, Pink Floyd
  • There were six 'first Peel sessions' - by The Move, Big Maybelle & the Senate, Tomorrow (featuring Keith West), Tim Rose, Traffic and Pink Floyd. All were broadcast on 'Top Gear' on 1/10/67. The first three of those acts recorded their sessions on 21/9/67, the other three on 25/9/67. Strictly speaking, 'Top Gear' didn't become 'John Peel's Top Gear' until 4/2/68. Between 12/11/67 - 28/1/68 John co-presented the show, and thereby its exclusive session recordings, with Tommy Vance. There were six shows between 1/10/67 (the first episode) and 5/11/67, and these were co-presented by a pool of presenters. John Peel and Pete Drummond did the first one. John co-presented two of the other five with Drummond, while Drummond co-presented the other three with Tommy Vance, Mike Ahern and Rick Vane. Yes, a case could be made that several legendary early 'Peel sessions' were actually 'Drummond sessions'. In this montage, I've assembled tracks from three of the first five session guests plus four LP tracks with brief presenter intros/outros - from John, Pete Drummond and Tommy Vance - to give a flavour of the show in it's first few weeks. All come from a couple of uncirculated off-air reels.
  • Traffic: Coloured Rain (LP: Mr Fantasy) Island ILP 9061 31 December 1967 outros and intros match, so not the session track advertised

..thank you for

Tommy Vance? "That Is" If Tommy it's the second show

By courtesy of legendary reel archaeologist 'the Johnny Kidd Fan Club', here is Nucleus in April 1971 on 'John Peel's Sunday Concert'. Three pieces: 'Song for the Bearded Lady', 'Snakehips' Dream' and 'Croup Blues' (from John's intro, as far as I can tell - otherwise unknown in the Nucleus canon). Band members are: Ian Carr (trumpet/flugel), Brian Smith (sax), Karl Jenkins (oboe/keys), Chris Spedding (guitar), Jeff Clyne (bass), John Marshall (drums).

Liverpool Scene recorded 6 items for John Peel's 'Top Gear' on 6/1/69, broadcast over two shows in January and February. These nine tracks derive, in the bloc presented, from an off-air reel of various other indentifiably early-1969 off-air tracks and contain, I think, 5 of the 6 tracks from that first Liverpool Scene BBC session ('Tramcar to Frankenstein' is the missing one) along with 4 other tracks from the group's commercial recordings that must have been played on the show in early 1969: 'Percy Parslow's Hamster Farm' from the LP 'Amazing Adventures of...' and three tracks from 45s: 'Son, Son', 'The Woo Woo' and 'Love Is'.

A1 –Gary Roberts & The Satellites Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood & Brush 04 July 1992 A2 –Rod Rogers And The Swinging Strings Go Daddy Go 10 July 1992 A3 –Rodd Keith Lost In Space 11 July 1992 A4 –Rodd*, Teri* And The M.S.R. Singers* Richard Nixon 17 July 1992 A5 –Rod Rogers, Teri Summers And The Librettos (2) Best Behind The Wheel 18 July 1992 A6 –Rodd Keith Atomic Wise 24 July 1992 A7 –Bob Lloyd Our Hearts Were Meant To Beat As One 25 July 1992 A8 –Rodd*, Teri*, The M.S.R. Singers* Beat Of The Traps 31 July 1992 B1 –Gene Marshall Jimmy Carter Says "Yes" 1st August 1992 B2 –Rod Rogers And The "Swinging Strings"* Little Rug Bug B3 –Norm Burns Baby, Set Your Date On Time B4 –Norm Burns & The Five Stars John F. Kennedy Was Called Away B5 –The Music Magicians Convertibles And Headbands B6 –Rodd Keith Astronauts B7 –Bill Joy How Long Are You Staying B8 –Rod Rogers, Teri Summers And The Librettos (2) Santa Claus Goes Modern

The Nice
BBC Sessions (various dates)
Taken from repeat broadcasts in 1980 and sometime in the 1990s
0:00 01 Country Pie (Version 1)
4:58 02 Theme from 'Top Gear'
7:01 03 DJ link (Tommy Vance)
7:34 04 St Thomas (with Roy Harper) (intro by Brian Matthew) (transcription disc?)
10:03 05 Better than Better
06 DJ link Tommy Vance

1-6 selection from different sessions
18:24 07 DJ Link (Alan Freeman)
18:34 08 Diary of an Empty Day

07 DJ Link (Alan Freeman)

22:08 09 I'm One of These People ...

07 DJ Link (Alan Freeman)

20th April or 16th Mardch
25:17 Blues for the Prairies

11 Theme from 'Top Gear' (w. DJ voiceover - John Pee And this is to Bernie with thanks from several million of us. Goodbye)

31:37 12 Azrial (revisited)

16th June or 14th July 1969
13 Country Pie (version 2)
14 St Thomas (with Roy Harper)

15 Better than Better (with fade to cover tape damage)
16 Intermezzo from Karelia Suite
17 DJ Link (Alan Freeman)
Recording Lineage
01-06 - FM tuner -> Revox B77 -> Master Reel
07-17 - FM tuner -> Technics Cassette Deck -> Master Cassette
Playback Lineage
Master reel or cassette on Revox or Cassette Deck -> Alesis Masterlink @ 16-bit, 44.1kHz (track splits, fades) -> CDR -> EAC and TLH to FLAC
No EQ or other DSP
Mastered Oct 2014


(John's Children - Saturday Club June 6,1967): 1.Jagged Time Lapse 2.The Perfumed Garden 3.Daddy Rolling Stone 4.Hot Rod Mama

(John Peel plays an unreleased John's Children acetate given to him by Marc): 5.Hippy Gumbo


Snippet of  Highways 14 August 1967


(The rest are Tyrannosuarus Rex sessions)

(Top Gear Nov.5,1967): 7.Scenscof The Magician 8.Child Star 9.Highways 10.Hot Rod Mama 11.Dwarfish Trumpet Blues

(Top Gear Feb.2,1968): 12.Scenscof 13.Child Star 14.Pictures Of Purple People 15.Hot Rod Mama wikified


(The Voice Of Pop Sept.9,1969): 16.Juniper Suction (poem)

(Top Gear Nov.10,1968): 17.The Friends 18.Conesuela 19.The Seal Of Seasons 20.Evenings Of Damask


(Nightride June 11,1969): 21.A Star Of Youth 22.A ship Of Rythym 23.The Winged Man With Eyes Downcast To The Moon

(Top Of The Pops May 5,1969): 24.Chariots Of Silk & Interview

(unknown date): 25.Top Gear Jingle 1969

(Top Gear May 11,1969): 26.Once Upon The Sea Of Abyssinia 27.Nijinsky Hind 28.Chariots Of Silk

1:02:47 29.Misty Coat Of Albany 30.Iscariot (from CD)

15:52 1) Devil's Grip 2)


Source: Various FM sources Quality: VG+ to Ex Lineage: unk. gen. cass. > trade CDR > EAC (secure mode) > WAV > TLH > FLAC (L8)

BBC Radio 1 'Top Gear' BBC Studio 1, 201 Piccadilly, London Recording date: 8 July 1968 Broadcast date: 21 July 1968

1.) Young Girl (0:12) 2.) Beautiful Zelda (2:23) 3.) Captain Cool (3:36) 4.) My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe (3:18) 5.) 11 Moustachioed Daughters (2:50) 9:32

BBC Radio 1 'Top Gear' BBC Studio 1, 201 Piccadilly, London Recording date: 8 October 1968 Broadcast date: 20 October 1968

7.) Shirt (2:28) (12:22) Peel outro "quite lovely" 8.) I'm The Urban Spaceman (2:17) 14:51 9.) The Bride Stripped Bare (By The Bachelors) (2:32) 17:08 10.) Excerpt From 'Brain Opera' Act 3, Scene 1 (4:15) 19:41 11.) Ready Mades (E's Mad Dreg) (2:50) 23:55-26:46

BBC Radio 1 Club Probably BBC Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Avenue, London (?) Recording date: unknown Broadcast date: 19 February 1969

13.) Do The Trouser Press (2:34) 26:48 14.) Humanoid Boogie (2:58) 29:21 15.) Canyons Of Your Mind (3:03) 32:20

BBC Radio 1 'Symonds On Sunday' Possibly BBC Studio 2, Aoelian Hall, London (?) Recording date: 3 March 1969 Broadcast date: 9 March 1969

16.) Mr. Apollo (4:02) 35:23

Various line-ups including: Vivian Stanshall, Neil Innes, Larry Smith, Roger Ruskin-Spear, Rodney Slater, a.o. Any additional details welcome!

Notes: 2 tracks from my trade CDR that I received several years ago had to be omitted since they are on the "The Complete BBC Recordings" release on the Strange Fruit label. Hence the track numbering which has no. 6 nor no. 12. To the best of my knowledge the remaining tracks presented here have never been on any official releases!

Websites: http://www.bonzodog.co.uk/ http://www.iankitching.me.uk/music/bonzos/ http://www.doodahdiaries.com/Doo%20Dah%20Diaries/Doo%20Dah%20Diaries.html

Please support the artists! Buy their official releases and go to their concerts! Trade freely! Do not sell! Keep it lossless!

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Grooving With Aunty - A collection of unreleased BBC Sessions from 1964-1975

Featuring Manfred Mann, John Mayall (with Eric Clapton), The Pretty Things, Ten Years After, The Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, The Who, David Bowie, T.Rex, Roxy Music, John Cale, Nico, Brian Eno and the Winkies.

Sources Liberated Boots>EAC>flac or FM Broadcast>??>Wav>CDR>EAC>flac

total both flac discs 3.40.03

BBC Sessions d1 Total 45.33

Source FM Broadcast>??>Wav>CDR>EAC>flac

Manfred Mann Paul Jones - harmonica/vocals, Manfred Mann - keyboards, Tom McGuinness - bass guitar, Mike Vickers - guitar/saxophone, Mike Hugg - drums.

Top Gear Recorded 23/Mar/65 01 L.S.D. 02: Oh No, Not My Baby 03: That's the Way I Feel

??1968 Mike D'Abo - vocals, Manfred Mann - keyboards, Tom McGuinness - guitar, Klaus Voorman - bass, Mike Hugg - drums.

04 Daytime Nightime 05 The Letter 06 My Name Is Jack

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (John Mayall: organ, harmonica, vocal; Eric Clapton: guitar; John McVie: bass, Hughie Flint: drums).

26 April 1965, Saturday Club, BBC, London, broadcast 1 June 1965

01 Crocodile Walk 02 Bye Bye Bird 03 Crawling Up A Hill

26 Nov 66? John Mayall - vocals, keyboards, harmonica, guitar, Peter Green - guitar, John McVie - bass, Aynsley Dunbar - drums

04 Riding On The L & N 05 Sitting In The Rain 06 Leaping Christine

Pretty Things Dick Taylor - guitar, Phil May - vocals, harmonica, John Stax - bass, Brian Pendleton - rhythm guitar, Viv Prince - drums

October 1964 01 Big Boss Man 02 Don't Bring Me Down 03 Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut

May 1966 04 Buzz The Jerk

November 27, 1967 (broadcast: December 3, 1967) (Top Gear) Phil May - Vocals, Dick Taylor - Guitars, Vocals, Alan Waller - Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards John Povey - Keyboards, Vocals, Skip Alan - Drums

05 Turn My Head 06 Defecting Grey

Ten Years After Alvin Lee - vocals / guitar, Leo Lyons - bass, Chick Churchill - keyboards, Ric Lee - drums

?? Dec 1968 TOTP 01 Hear Me Calling 02 Woman Trouble

BBC Sessions d2 Total 1.02.46 Source Liberated Boot>EAC>Flac

Spencer Davis Group Spencer Davis- guitar, Steve Winwood- vocals/guitar/keyboards, Peter York- Drums, Muff Winwood- Bass

Jan/Feb? 1967 01 Take This Hurt Off Me 02 Till the End of Time 03 That's All 57m 04 Gimme Some Lovin'

Traffic Jim Capaldi - drums, percussion, vocals, Dave Mason - guitar, vocals, bass, sitar, Steve Winwood - lead vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, Chris Wood - flute, sax, keyboards.

Top Gear, September 25, 1967, broadcast: October 1, 1967 01 Brian Mathew interviews Steve Winwood 1:02:43 02 Hole In My shoe 03 Paper Sun 1:07:30 04 A House For Everyone 05 Mr. Fantasy 1:11:10 start

Not sure about above details - Brian Matthew not mentioned in that Top Gear and Mr. Fantasy not listed as being broadcast until 1969 (though recorded with the rest). this is probably taken from the BBC Transcription records in which Brian Matthew interviewed the bands, added the session tracks and sold thre resulting records to international radio stations.

Top Gear, December 11, 1967, broadcast: December 24, 1967 - actually another Brian Matthew repeat 06 No Face, No Name, No Number 1:16:31 07 Hope I Never Find Me There 1:20:20

Top Gear, February 26, 1968, broadcast: March 3, 1968 08 Roamin' Thru The Gloamin' With 40,000 Headmen 1:22:37 - again Brian Matthew 09 Mr. Fantasy 1:26:30 10 Heaven Is In Your Mind 1:30:50

Top Gear, June 24, 1968, broadcast: June 30, 1968

11 You Can All Join In 1:30:50

12 Feelin' Alright 1:38:11

13 Pearly Queen 1:41:59-1:46:48 (Peel Show)

14 Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring? 1:46:52-1:50:32

Unknown date 15 Coloured Rain 1:50:34-1:53:44 Not Peel

BBC Sessions d3 Total 50.01 Source FM Broadcast>??>Wav>CDR>EAC>flac

Bowie Recorded: 20th October 1969 Broadcast: 26th October 1969

01 Unwashed And Slightly Dazed 1:53:47 (Dave Lee Travis)

Musicians: David Bowie (vocals, guitar) plus Juniors Eyes: Mick Wayne (guitar) Tim Renwick (rhythm guitar) John Lodge (bass) John Cambridge (drums)

1970 - SOUNDS OF THE 70s Recorded: 25th March 1970 Broadcast: 6th April 1970

02. I'm Waiting For The Man 1:56:46  03. Width Of A Circle 04. The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (Ferris)

Musicians: David Bowie (vocals, guitar) plus The Tony Visconti Trio: Tony Visconti (bass) Mick Ronson (guitar, vocal) John Cambridge (drums)

Jan or May 1972 05 Star 2:13:19

Musicians: David Bowie (vocals, guitar) Mick Ronson (guitar, vocals) Trevor Bolder (bass) Mick Woodmansey (drums) Nicky Graham (piano)

T.Rex Marc Bolan - vocals, guitar, Mickey Finn - bongos ,Steve Currie - bass 27 October 1970.

01 Jewel 2:16:01, 02 Elemental child 03 Sun eye 2:27:30 04 Ride a white swan 2:29:18

The Who Roger Daltrey - Vocals, Pete Townshend - Guitar, John Entwhistle - Bass, Keith Moon - Drums Top Gear 10 Oct 1967 (Br. 15 Oct 1967). Brian Matthews

01 Can't Reach You 2:31:15 02 I Can See For Miles 2:34:14 03 Pictures Of Lily 2:38:10 04 Summertime Blues 2:40:45

BBC Sessions d4 Total 56.34 Source FM Broadcast>??>Wav>CDR>EAC>flac

Eno And The Winkies

26 February 1974. Transmission date: 5 March 1974, Sounds Of The Seventies with John Peel.

01 Fever 2:43:54 02 The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch 2:49:15 03 Baby’s On Fire 2:52:40  04 I'll Come Running To Tie Your Shoe 2:58:09

Personnel: Eno (vocals and synth), Mike Desmarais (drums), Guy Humphries (guitar), Philip Rambow (guitar), Brian Turrington (bass).

John Cale Rec. 1 May 1975 Transmitted on John Peel’s show a week later.

01 Taking It All Away 03:03:04 02 Darling I Need You 03:09:38 03 Fear 03:13:01 04 You Know More Than I Know 03:16:54 with Chris Thomas (Keyb) and Chris Spedding (guitar).

Nico Feb 2 1971?

01 No One Is There 02 Frozen Warnings 03 Janitor Of Lunacy03:25:42 04 Secret Side 03:30:30

Roxy Music

01 Chance Meeting 3:34:18 Rec. date: 23 May 1972. Transmission date: 23 June 1972, Sounds Of The Seventies with John Peel.

02 Virginia Plain 03:37:19

Rec. date: 18 July 1972. Transmission date: 1 August 1972, Sounds Of The Seventies with John Peel.

It's Groovey baby!


1970s Evolution


First broadcast: 2017-09-03 13:00


anecdote by Liz Kershaw

1970s Revolution


  • "companion show to The Evolution of John Peel, broadcast Sunday at 1PM, with more highlights of John's shows in the seventies."

First broadcast: 2017-09-03 01:00

1980s Evolution


First broadcast 2017-09-10 13:00

  • "Mary-Anne Hobbs presents the second show in this five-part series, which this week covers the 1980s. Highlights include alternative, independent music from The Smiths and The Fall, world music from African Connexion, reggae from Black Uhuru and the beginnings of acid house with MARRS. Plus 6 Music DJ Mark Radcliffe will give his favourite memories of working with Peel, including a 1984 session from The Triffids that he produced."


Mark Radcliffe anecdote

1980s Revolution


first broadcast 2017-09-10 01:00

  • "Mary-Anne Hobbs presents this companion show to the Evolution of John Peel, broadcast Sunday at 1PM, with more highlights of John's shows in the eighties." Producer: Dina Jahina.

13 August 1994 (BBC World Service) sedoi says 9th repeat 13th. Move to 6th

16 August 1994 (BBC World Service) sedoi says 16th move to 13th

22 August 1994 (BBC World Service)

12 September 1994 WS. Might be  24th

Sep 1994. Might be 17th

CB 500 22/03/14 33%

SL Tapes Finished but a couple of batches to be completed

Isector 19/09/14 30-40%

Max-Dat 24/03/15 going to buy a DAT

Karl 10/01/16 going to fix tape

Dirk on going

400 Box finished but missing 20 tapes

derby box finished but missing sold tapes

BoP ongoing 25/12/15

Dweemis finished

200 Box 24/08/08 0.5% !!!

Carsten tapes on going 24/01/15 125%!!

Hinton Box - paused

Eddie From Berlin going strong

Out there:.........

1000 box

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BF 70s

ME mid 70s


https://www.facebook.com/groups/124409787663071/search/?query=O3 1000 box BFBS Finnish WS

WH every O3 show

  1. 7" single released May 1979.
  2. "the new single"
  3. possibly same show as above, or 15 December 1971 same show as Marmalade track below)
  4. 1978 "current single"
  5. not 09 July 1979
  6. possibly same show as above
  7. not 23 October 1978
  8. not 07 July 1978.
  9. Peel mentions the song was played on the 'concert programme' the night before.
  10. not 18 June 1979. Peel announces 'the A side is Boys Don't Cry, the B side is Plastic Passion, but then proceeds to play the A side)
  11. Italian language version of As Tears Go By, first issued in 1968. Peel says he had been looking for it for sometime and finally found it in Oxford Street. Played sometime after mid-1978 as Peel also mentions Jimmy Pursey and The Kids Are United, which would never be made in Italian.
  12. not 21 August 1978.
  13. Peel mentions that on that very day they had signed a deal with Polydor records. According to band history this happened in June.
  14. 14.0 14.1 14.2 14.3 BBC programme page gives recording date. Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; name ":0" defined multiple times with different content
  15. "new single". The BBC do indeed make a mistake by giving it the wrong title in the Music Played section.
  16. possibly same show as Wedding Present above, and Jesus And Mary Chain below.
  17. track also featured on Keeping It Peel - possibly same?
  18. see also MARRS and Wedding Present tracks.
  19. Italian version of One Step Beyond.
  20. session track although recording date not mentioned on programme site.
  21. 21.0 21.1 technically not "1980s" as recorded and first broadcast in 1979. Repeated as part of the 'ska' sessions special.
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