• JP91_Weird_Fat_And_Vegas
  • 1991
  • Session contained on this tape:
35 Summers, #2. Recorded 1991-08-22. No known commercial release. Broadcast 20 October 1991.


(JP: 'When I was a little boy, me and my little brother Frank, who was a couple of years younger than me (still is as a matter of fact) had an imaginary person who lived in our garden called BooBoo, who lived at the bottom of our flag pole in fact – we had a flag pole - that sort of a family – and we had a secret word as well.') Segues into next track, which starts with “and what was that secret word?"
Track ends with “and what was that secret word?" (JP: 'Well actually it was mononucleosis but we were unbearably precocious children.')


  • JP 91 - Weird Fat and Vegas
  • 01:25:49
  • Created from L063 of the SL Tapes. Many thanks to ML (ripper).
  • Note from Steve L. "I've been remembering 'Mrs No. 3 Divorce' for years and years and trying to locate it with no clue about the artist. Thanks so much for finding it. I used to love this tape very much! Now I will hear it again. Wonderful!"
  • Not sure if this is the right place to say thank you for creating this amazing Wiki, but thank you! I made the Pounding System record and had no idea that John Peel--who has been a hero to me since I started listening to his show in the late 70s--had played it. Richard J, July 2012.