Wild Man Fischer - The Wild Man Fischer Story

Wild Man Fischer - The Wild Man Fischer Story

The Wild Man Fischer Story

Lawrence Wayne "Wild Man" Fischer (November 6, 1944 – June 16, 2011) was an American street performer known for offering erratic, acapella performances of "new kinds of songs" for a nickel or a dime each on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.[1] Most of his life was spent homeless or institutionalized, and he later became regarded as "the godfather of outsider music".

Larry "Wild Man" Fischer first came to the attention of rock audiences with the double album 'An Evening With Wild Man Fischer', produced by Frank Zappa, an on-off mentor of JP favourite Captain Beefheart, and released on Zappa's Bizarre Records label. Peel would play large parts of the Fischer debut on Top Gear over several months in 1969 and 1970.

In the inaugural 1976 Festive Fifty, the Wild Man Fischer track 'Go To Rhino Records' would appear at number 48. The record had been Rhino's first release, in 1975.

Fischer remained something of a Peel favorite. On the final programme of the 1987 series Peeling Back The Years, John Walters asked the DJ whether this was because he thought, “Gosh, I wish I could be as loopy and confident." Peel replied, "Yes, I think that’s a very important part of it. I mean, I envy people who at least give the impression of being uninhibited." He also expressed a strong preference for Fischer over Bruce Springsteen.[1]

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