• World service 96-97
  • 1996-1997



  • The available password is for the first 4 zips only.
  • Individual mps for each track. Shared via, to be deleted automatically in 30 days.
  • Many thanks to Sav.eloi!
  • How these came about, if you're really interested, where I am you got the John Peel show at around 3.30 am , then 4.30 am, due to daylight saving time on a monday. I'd tape it an listen later , then around 97 the BBC moved John Peel somewhere and replace it with world music, the community radio station which carried the world service after 12 till 5, decided that ethnic radio could take that time. No one complained, that was the end. I had 5 tapes 60 or 90 min, they were passed around to a few people and well played. Some stuff that is missing like the tape finished while recording aren't included. The show had been going for a while before I found it. I think I still got the tapes with the show dates, there pretty much 96, 97. 1 or 2 weeks missing (one of which was about certain bands playing a festival, most probably Stratford On Avon, Phoenix Festival ,july 96 , and that peel voice saying and the sex pistols at the end, part of the reunion, i listened on the clock radio but didnt tape that one), a lot of stuff was repeated , you had to be keen,
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