Write On is a BBC World Service programme, where listeners write in or email questions, criticisms and inquiries about BBC World Service programmes, which the programme makers answer. It is the equivalent to TV's Points of View programme.

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John Peel features in the following episodes of Write On (links to BBC podcasts given given after description, where available).

  • 07 November 2003: "Music show host John Peel is both loved and hated by World Service listeners. The 'granddaddy of alternative popular music' and his producer, Bobby Seiler are interviewed in this special edition of 'Write On'".[1]
  • 15 April 2004: "Defence of the John Peel music show, after previous letters attacking it". [2]
  • 02 December 2004: "Following John Peel's death, why didn't the tribute programme feature John Peel? Producer Bobby Seiler responds".[3]


John Peel's BBC World Service - Write On

John Peel's BBC World Service - Write On

07 November 2003 episode

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