XFM was an indie radio station in Portugal, which was founded in 1993. It lasted for four years until its closure in July 1997 [1]. The motto of the station was 'Para uma inmensa minoria', which in English translates as 'For A Huge Minority'. The radio station was not related to another of the same name that was established in the UK in 1992 and first broadcast full time in 1997.

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Peel did several programmes for the radio station between 1993 and 1994, recorded at Peel Acres. According to a 2005 Portuguese language blog written by Nuno Galopim, a Portuguese DJ named António Sérgio along with Nuno met Peel in Manchester and offered him a chance to do programmes for the show, which he accepted:

"John Peel teve um programa em Portugal, durante o primeiro ano de vida da XFM. Uma hora semanal, gravada expressamente no seu estúdio caseiro, para a rádio para uma imensa minoria, que nos abriu apetites para novas músicas boas histórias. Conheci-o precisamente quando, em conjunto com o António Sérgio, fui a Manchester em 1993 para estabelecer contactos para a XFM. Peel aceitou o desafio da pequena nova rádio portuguesa e deu-nos uma entrevista, então publicada no Blitz e mais tarde emitida na X." [2]

(GOOGLE TRANSLATION: "John Peel had a program in Portugal during the first year of life of XFM. An hour a week, recorded expressly in his home studio, to the radio to a huge minority, that opened us appetites for new songs good stories. I met him precisely when, together with António Sérgio, I went to Manchester in 1993 to establish contacts for XFM. Peel accepted the challenge of the small new Portuguese radio and gave us an interview, then published in Blitz and later emitted in the X.")


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