Young Marble Giants were a post-punk band formed in Cardiff, Wales in 1978. Their music was based around the vocals of Alison Statton along with the minimalist instrumentation of brothers Philip and Stuart Moxham. Their early sound was a sharp contrast with the more aggressive punk rock that dominated the underground at the time. Young Marble Giants have only released one full-length studio album, Colossal Youth, in 1980. After the group split, the Moxham brothers formed The Gist, Alison Statton with Spike and Simon Emmerson (later of Working Week and Afro Celt Sound System) formed Weekend (with Phil Moxham on bass) and several jazz musicians including Larry Stabbins, Harry Beckett and Keith Tippett.

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A firm favourite of Peel in the early 80's, the band's sounds at that time was different to the usual punk rock music of the era. The group did one session for Peel's programme.


YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS John Peel 18th August 1980

YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS John Peel 18th August 1980

1. Recorded: 1980-08-18. Broadcast: 26 August 1980. Repeated: 15 September 1980, 06 November 1980

  • Searching For Mr Right / Brand New Life / Final Days / N.I.T.A. / Posed By Models

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